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How to Make a Hockey Puck Rain Gauge

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Update time : 2019-09-24 18:59:27

This stupid Rain Gauge uses a hockey puck to involve the rainfall measuring tube. It is a good capability because the hockey enthusiast. wage of materials is typically less than $4.00, besides you will lack access to a drill press, and a spade bit.


1) acquire materials:
  • Hockey puck. wage almost $1.00
  • Rain Gauge tube. From a farm equip or hardware store. wage almost $2.00
  • Brass screw, flat head. wage almost 20c, or bunch of 10 because $2.00

2) acquire access to tools:
  • Drill press. An inexpensive newspaper is just handsome because this project.
  • Spade bit, same size because basis of the Rain Gauge.

3) discover the centre of the hockey puck:
  • Estimate the situation of the centre and create a little mark.
  • Measure the distance from the symbol to the edges of the puck.
  • Move the symbol until total distances to the border are the same.
  • If sketch lines can the puck, own them can the central belt hence they will vanish when the hollow is drilled can the puck.

4) Insert the spade bit into the drill press.

5) lay the drill newspaper accelerate low. Hockey pucks are soft. Using a slow accelerate prevents melting of the border of the hole.

6) unity the drill newspaper depth of plunge, hence the spade bit will desert almost ⁄4 to ⁄8 inch (0.6 to 1.0 cm) undrilled riddle can the bottom of the hole. You discharge no expect to drill total the manner over the hockey puck.

7) use clamps, a drill newspaper vise, or other machine to involve the hockey puck securely can the drill newspaper table, with the centre of the hockey puck exactly positioned beneath the point of the spade bit.

8) drill the hollow can the puck. discharge no proceed total the manner through.

9) transparent up the puck and erase any pencil lines.

10) quiz by inserting the Rain Gauge basis into the hole. It to be loose enough that it can be removed because reading little amounts of rain, and because emptying. besides it to be tight enough that it will linger perpendicular and no be blown out by a gust of wind.

11) touch the Rain Gauge from the hockey puck, and flow a brass flat-head screw over the centre of the hole. That screw is used because anchoring the hockey puck to a board (deck railing, because instance). when snugged down, the screw to no intervene with the Rain Gauge.

12) You're done! Install the Rain Gauge outside, and expect because a rainy engagement to quit soon.