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Wireless Weather Station

RF 433HMZ wireless weather station

Item No.: WS6570
Power charge for mobile via USB cable for option
Time and calendar display
Dual alarms and snoozes
  1. Power charge for mobile via USB cable for option (excl.)
  2. Time and calendar display
  3. Dual alarms and snoozes
  4. RC (DCF, WWVB) function for option
  5. Week day display in 7 optional languages
  6. 6 levels of weather forecast display
  7. Indoor temperature and humidity
  8. RF 433MHz outdoor temperature and humidity display, up to 3 outdoor transmitters’ receivable
  9. Temperature trend
  10. Temperature alert for both highest and lowest indoor and outdoor temperatures
  11. Barometer display
  12. Moon phase
  13. Comfort level display
  14. Adjustable brightness
  15. Sound controlled
  16. Battery low indicator for indoor unit and outdoor transmitter
  17. Color display